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Here at Rockslide Studios you'll be treated professionaly in a relaxed and "intimate" environment. You'll find a home project studio that has begun turning out successful and satisfied clients through simple word of mouth contact and a request to "get it done quickly and without a hassle". Specializing in demos for gigging bands, you'll also find the ability to create your masterpiece without staring at the clock all night. We have VERY reasonable rates and pre-paid advance booking and lockouts available!

We can also provide musicians for the aspiring and professional songwriters. With experienced musicians for guitar, bass, and drums available you know you'll have the ability to create almost anything you can dream up. Some of us have been playing for 30+ years!!!

So you know you'll be treated as an artist and not just a client.


Pro Tools(c) equipped with a wide assortment of Mics, Mic pre-amps, compression, amplifiers, instruments, and talent. We do perform tracking only services and export full files and stems as needed OR full tracking and mixing services depending on your time and budget. Track drums live here and overdub at home and come back for final mixing. We're here to serve your needs as YOU see fit. We primarily record in Pro Tools but have the option to also track in Logic or Reaper. We also primarily mix in Harrison Mixbus (an amazing analog sounding DAW)

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Quick Demos:

This is our specialty and a big part of our business. Come in to get some quick demos done in a relaxed rehearsal environment. No headphones and no pressure. Full live recording multi-track or two track. Multi-track requires additional mixing time but yields much better results. You can even overdub additional parts to further enhance your work. Test new material, provide clubs with your live sound, build your electronic press kit, or just add some sounds to your new band webpage.

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If you've recorded elsewhere and want a fresh perspective on your mix, give us a call. We can help you export your tracks from many other DAWs including Logic, Pro Tools, Reaper, etc.. You can also add additional elements to your pre-recorded tracks such as vocal, guitar, or percussion overdubs.

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Select time slots can be available for rehearsals in the live room and discounts will be applied for pre-paid recording lockouts and bookings For example: Book two full weekends of recording and we'll hook you up with two nights of rehearsal to tighten up prior to hitting the red button!

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Get your band photos done while you're here and have the whole band present. Personal portraits, individuals and/or full band shots can be done on-site or at a location of your choice. We can also photograph your gigs if required. Again, you'll find reasonable rates here as well!

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Live Sound Engineer:

We can also provide a sound engineer as needed for your live events. FOH or monitor (IEM competent) engineering as needed. Require advance notice on dates needed and services requested. Experience with many analog and digital systems. Call or write for details or if you have any questions.

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